Cannon Catering in the 2013 Chilibrewfest

June 25, 2015 03:41 PM


We had a blast serving up our famous Brewhaha Chili at the 2nd Annual Chilibrewfest!  This year's event was just as good as last years, if not better!

Like last year, there were about 75 craft beers being sampled.  However, this year there were vendors sampling fine liquors and selling cigars.  We were fortunate to be one of the ten chili vendors.  Aside our own (of course), our favorite chili was from The Corner Tavern & Grill.  There were many other great vendors, but The Corner's really stood out.

The beer selection was great!  We tried a lot, but a few that stood out were:

  • Saranac's High Peak Lemon Ginger Saison
  • Unibroue's La Fin du Monde
  • Heavy Seas Loose Cannon
  • Duck Rabit Milk Stout

The most "interesting" beer we tasted was a home brew called Kyle's Hot Peopper Portern from Bull City Homebrew.

We look forward to next year!