List of Wedding Venues in Raleigh Allowing Outside Catering

June 29, 2015 12:26 PM

barclayWe know our brides spend months planning their weddings. The dress, the flowers, the venue - with so many choices to make, it can quickly become overwhelming. Sifting through vendor requirements can quickly take the joy out of planning the perfect day. Cannon Catering wants to help you by offering a database of venues that allow outside caterers. We've made the phone calls and have done the research for you so that you can move on to planning the unique details that will make your wedding the stunning event you've always dreamed about.

When compiling our list, we focused on venues that were within 45-minutes of Raleigh who also offered official event services. These locations do not have exclusive partnerships with any caterers, which means that they will not restrict who you use, giving you the freedom to select the ideal caterer for your wedding. If you would like a venue recommendation from our list, please contact us! We would love to speak to you about your choices.

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When you remember your wedding day, you want to remember your first glimpse, first kiss, and first dance - not the hours spent reading through venue fine print. This list will help you to remember your venue as a beautiful backdrop to an even more beautiful day!

We are always updating our database. If you know of a venue that has an open catering policy that isn't on this list, or if you're a venue coordinator who would like to see your location added to it, please give Cannon Catering a call!