Market Hall Event Venue: History, Beauty, and Southern Charm

September 6, 2016 07:15 PM

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We had the pleasure of catering an event in one of the classiest venues in the Triangle Area. Market Hall has long played host to Raleigh’s finest social events. Connecting history with quintessential southern charm, Market Hall is the culmination of everything we love about our city.

The History of Market Hall

The City Market opened in 1914. Through the 1940's, it served as the hub for central and eastern North Carolina farmers to display and sell their prized crops. The City Market was also an important gathering place. From politicians and the elite, to small business owners and farmers, networking was as integral to the market experience as purchasing fresh foods.

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Eventually, big box stores and supermarkets superseded small city markets. During the 1990's the City Market was brought back to life as place for people to gather, socialize, and celebrate together. From business ventures to weddings, the City Market is once again central to the heartbeat of Raleigh.

Market Hall Today

Since its renovation, Market Hall has had the right blend of historic Raleigh charm and southern elegance. The event venue is 6,000 square feet, large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 450 people, depending on the type of event you are hosting. The loft above the main event space offers an additional 450 square feet (up to 45 people) for guests to prepare for their celebrations.

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Additional amenities include:

  • Tables and Chairs
  • Wireless internet
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Cleaning Fee

Events at Market Hall

Market Hall is great for social gathering and celebrations:

  • Weddings: Downtown Raleigh is a beautiful backdrop for a fairy tell weddings. Market Hall is often used for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The loft, event space, and surrounding city provide many unique photo opportunities.
  • Business Meetings: Market Hall has always been central to business and networking in Raleigh. Whether you are rewarding your staff or networking with new clients, Market Hall offers a business friendly gathering place in the heart of one of the fastest growing cities in America.
  • Social Gatherings: Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or large family reunion, Market Hall’s versatile venue is perfect for large parties or classy, intimate celebrations.

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Market Hall allows licensed caterers. We are impressed with their friendly, passionate staff, and always look forward to catering events at Market Hall. We are proud that this impressive venue is in our city. If you are searching for an event venue, we recommend checking it out.