Six Reasons Employers Should Encourage Healthy Eating Part 1

August 19, 2016 05:44 PM

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Even though healthy living is more popular than ever, throughout the world there are still over a billion people struggling with obesity. In the workplace, unhealthy eating habits negatively affect a person’s mood, productivity, and ability to fight off the common cold.

Poor meal programs and poor nutrition underlie so many workplace issues: morale, safety, productivity, and the long-term health of the workers and nation. But few workers are happy with their meal arrangements.

-Chris Wanjek

By encouraging and offering healthier eating options for meals and snack, employers can help turn the tide against unhealthy eating habits. We have complied a list of six important reasons bosses should facilitate healthier eating solutions in the workplace. In this article we will share the first three.

1) Healthier Eating Leads to a Healthier Workplace

When it comes to health and fitness, office workers are at a disadvantage. People who work outside burn between five and ten times as many calories as their office counterparts. Combined with unhealthy eating habits, people who work inside are more likely to experience the negative effects of battling with weight and fitness issues.

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There is more to leading a healthy lifestyle than eating well, but by encouraging healthy food options, employers can help their employees begin the process of becoming healthy.

2) Healthier Eating Boosts Productivity

Unhealthy eating habits lead to:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Insomnia and Sleep Apnea
  • Reduction in cognitive ability
  • Increased Irritability
  • Numerous physical health issues

By contrast, an employee who eats healthy throughout the day can expect a 25% boost in productivity. Combining healthy eating with just thirty minutes of exercise can boost productivity an additional 15%.

Fast, fatty foods and surgery snacks contribute to the afternoon crash that keeps your employees hovered around the coffeepot after lunch. Healthier meals and snacks help keep employees awake and alert through the afternoon.

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3) Healthier Eating Reduces Sick Days

Overweight and obese workers are twice as likely to miss work due to illness as healthy employees. Employers are quite familiar with how much sick days decrease overall productivity and efficiency of their companies. Encouraging and facilitating healthy eating habits will increase your company's working hours significantly over the course of a year.

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We will post the next three reasons in an article in the near future. However, employers can begin helping their employees eat healthier immediately. Some quick tips for employers who want to facilitate healthier eating:

  • Provide healthier snacks (nuts and grains, fruit, raw vegetables, etc) in the break room.
  • Limit the presence of sugary snacks
  • Encourage drinking water as opposed to sodas and energy drinks
  • Provide lunch breaks long enough for employees to find or prepare healthy meals and exercise
  • Consider corporate catering for lunch

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