Top 5 Wedding Venues pt 2

June 25, 2015 05:29 PM


This is the second part to our five part overview of some of our favorite venues to cater. It's your special day, and it should have the perfect setting.

Our first standard we judge by is whether or not the venue in question is open to all types of vendors. Then, we judge based on the appearance of the venue. Finally, we pick based on the accommodation space for the vendors and professionalism of the venue’s staff.

Top Wedding Venue pt. 2: All Saints Chapel

Nestled in downtown Raleigh, this quaint old chapel has been moved and restored by Empire Properties. With a rustic interior lit by beautiful stained glass windows, All Saints Chapel is the perfect venue for smaller weddings and receptions.

One of the features that makes All Sains Chapel stand out are their convenient dining options. You can move the party to their lower floor dining area or move outside to the pavillion while the convert the Chapel into a dining and dance hall.

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