What Are Brides Looking For In A Wedding Venue? Part Two

June 3, 2016 09:31 AM

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In part one of our series on what brides are looking for in a wedding venue, we discussed five very important characteristics of venues by which brides are delighted:

  1. Accessible, Good Information
  2. Neutral Colors
  3. A Variety of Catering Options
  4. Comfortable, Styles Seating
  5. Quality Lighting and Sound Equipment

You can read characteristics 1-5 here. Continuing our list are five more characteristics of wedding venues by which brides are delighted:

6) Wedding Venues with Good Preparation Areas

Space to prepare for the ceremony and reception is crucial for a bride choosing a wedding venue. Tight, cramped, or awkward preparation areas are going to frustrate and stress brides on their special day. Additionally, any specific instructions regarding preparation areas should be included in the information provided by the venue to avoid potential issues the day of the ceremony.

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7) Wedding Venues with Great Dance Floors

As long as there have been weddings, there has been dancing at weddings. Brides are delighted by having enough room to cut a rug. Furthermore, it helps when a venue has a large open reception area with few nooks and corners for people to hide. The space should encourage guests to congregate together, so that when the dancing starts, it’s impossible to avoid joining in.

8) Wedding Venues with Outdoor and Indoor Options

Though the Farmer’s Almanac may attempt to predict the climate and weather years in advance, it is impossible to choose a wedding date that is guaranteed to be rain free. Though it may not be ironic in the strictest sense of the word, rain on a bride’s wedding day can be a great disappointment, especially if her venue is outdoors.

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When a venue provides elegant indoor options for the ceremony and reception, brides are able to approach their day with much less stress if the forecast calls for poor weather. Creating nice visual spaces for indoor photographs can send a wedding venue’s value over the top.

9) Wedding Venues with Lengthy Blocks of Time

If a bride feels rushed at a particular venue, she is not likely to refer it to others. Venues that provide ample time to decorate, prepare, celebrate, and cleanup are attractive to bride’s who want to avoid the stress of feeling like they are always fighting to stay on schedule.

10) Wedding Venues with Kind Staff

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The bride is preparing for a day of joy and celebration. During the wedding planning process, there are few choices more significant than venue. A brides is much more likely to choose the venue with staff that genuinely wants to partner with her to make her wedding special.

If we are missing a crucial characteristic of an excellent wedding venue, we would love to hear from you. Tell us what you are looking for in a wedding venue.